Tim Early Grant

Introduction: The purpose of this Grant is to support Midwest aquatic preservation programs currently in place in high schools and colleges. The program also hopes to fund the research of Lake Michigan shipwrecks to preserve the history and contributions the maritime shipping industry made to the development of the Midwestern States. Third, the grant program is designed to implement Micro Gravity programs designed to replicate N.A.S.A. space camps for local youth to experience gravity while underwater. Finally, the program will seek proposals looking to further the knowledge and understanding of the local aquatic habitat and underwater environment.

Dates: Proposals must be submitted before November 30th of the current year  to the offices of the Tim Early Foundation located at 16336 S. 104th Avenue, Orland Park, IL, 60467. All proposals must be submitted in writing. Applications received after the deadline will be returned to the sender without a review. Facsimile transmission and electronic submissions will be considered. We also meet and review other grants as needed.

Further Information: For further information contact Patrick Hammer at: 16336 S. 104th Avenue, Orland Park, IL 60467.

Eligibility: There are four programs currently available for funding. No program can receive greater than $5,000.00 in a single year. All proposals are for one calendar year only.

 A. Midwest Aquatic Preservation. Teachers and Professors from Midwestern states defined as: 
Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota are invited to submit a proposal for funding of an existing classroom program designed to teach the significance of the Great Lakes to students in these areas.

B. Micro Gravity Workshops. Certified Micro Gravity Instructors with the proper scuba and Underwater certifications are invited to submit proposals for funding to run Micro Gravity programs as currently available throughout the United States.

C. Underwater Shipwreck Research. Groups involved in researching Great Lakes shipwrecks are Invited to submit proposals seeking funding to gather and collect data to further the knowledge regarding: the history of the Great Lakes Maritime trade, vessels lost, and vessels discovered and needing preservation. This program is available to groups dedicated to preservation of shipwrecks.

D. Aquatic Habitat Preservation. Undergraduate and graduate professors with existing programs in underwater habitats are invited to submit proposals for funding the study of Lake Michigan's underwater habitat including marine biology and marine environmental issues.

Evaluation Criteria: Each proposal must address the following criteria: the significance of the Proposed topic for consideration; the potential benefit achieved by funding the request; the type of program involved (high school, college, volunteer group); the supervision under which the program will be evaluated.

Proposal Guidelines: Each proposal should include the items listed below. All pages must be Standard 8.5-inch by 11-inch paper double-spaced. The project proposal shall not exceed ten written pages. Each proposal must contained the following elements:

a. Identification Page. 

  • Identify the program requesting funding and signatures of all supervising authorities must be included. Name, address and telephone number of primary researcher is required. Any other funding already received must be identified.

b. Project Summary.

  • Title of project. Names of all persons controlling the research. Amount of Funds requested. Project period with a start and end date. Summary of the project including the rationale for the research, objectives, summary of the work to be completed.

c. Project Description. (3-page maximum).

  • Introduction. What is the significance of the topic to be considered?
  • Research Plan. Amount of classroom research time as well as fieldwork required. -Equipment needed. List of equipment required to execute the research, if relevant.
  • References. How plan will be supervised.

d. Budget. 

  • There must be detailed information as to how the monies requested will be allocated. There shall be no funding for travel.

Review Process: Each proposal will be reviewed to determine how the proposal will advance the current state of knowledge as to topic. For the Micro Gravity program, the review process will consider the number of students to be enrolled, the qualifications of the program leaders, and the topics to be covered under the current state of other Micro Gravity programs. The other programs will be considered according to what the benefits will be to the Great Lakes maritime and aquatic environment. The Tim Early Foundation reserves the right to allow accredited local scientific professionals to consult on the viability and value each proposal will add to current knowledge. All decisions will be made by the Board. None of the proposals may be submitted by the Board's family members.  All employees of Aqua Ventures, Scuba Emporium, and Our World Underwater are prohibited from entering proposals .

Sharing of Findings, Data and Other Research Right: The groups submitting the proposals will own all of the rights to the information and data collected. However, the Tim Early Foundation encourages the sharing of results and publishing of results to the Great Lakes maritime and scientific community. The Foundation reserves the right to film, record or otherwise capture the program as it is being executed for use for future years of scholarship study. The Tim Early Foundation reserves the right to request winning proposals to present the results from the work at the annual Our World Underwater program or otherwise as may be requested. All findings must be reduced to writing at the end of the calendar year.

Non-discriminatory Policy:The Tim Early Foundation is committed to providing funding to all qualified programs and shall not discriminate against any group on the basis of race, color, or national or ethnic origin. This covers not only the program being proposed but also the students accepted into the program, the educators advocating the program, and all other administrators Involved in the program.

False Statements or Use of Funds:  Each group submitting a proposal for funding agrees and understands that the Board of Directors reserves the right to check all references and statements provided in the written proposal for truthfulness and accuracy. Any false or misleading statement shall be grounds for denial of funds and all legal avenues to seek the return of any funding made Under false pretenses shall be taken.