Sherry Hammer - Tim Early - Patrick Hammer
Tim passed away on December 23, 2001. Tim was extremely grateful for the effort everyone made in making his foundation a success, he also looked forward to the continuation of his dream the health and beauty of diving.
The Tim Early Foundation has been set up in Illinois by the staff of  Our World-Underwater, SCUBA and Travel EXPO. The goal of the foundation is to help support diving in the Midwest through charitable donations. Our World-Underwater has been the single largest contributor to the Tim Early Foundation. Portions go to the foundation as well as outside. Since its inception, the Tim Early Foundation has raised over $500,000 to help fund Midwest projects, and educational programs. We are proud to sponsor SCUBA classes for our vets, at no cost to them!

Tim Early was a PADI instructor that took pride teaching children all over the country using distance learning. With his passing the foundation was set up to Rembrandt him and keep educational programs going. Since the formation of the not for profit, we have raised over $600,000 to help fund Midwest projects, educational programs and teach our vets to become divers. Over the past few years we have trained and got certified nearly fifty vets.

The foundation collects charitable donations in both money and scuba equipment. The largest amount of funding comes from kind people sending checks and equipment.

We gladly accept monetary donation as well as dive gear. We auction the gear, sell it or give it to our vets. All donations go to the foundation with NOTHING going to any volunteers. Scuba has shown to have a positive change for our service members and we're proud to help them. We also understand while a spouse is deployed the other is left behind and because of this service we allow the spouse to participate in the programs.

With Tim's love for diving and children in the Midwest we concluded there was no place better to put the foundation than in the Chicago-land area. We accept donations from many fine people and companies, world wide, but most grants are approved for the Midwest needs.

Tim Early has a strong love for life and diving but in December 2000 he was diagnosed with cancer. Tim’s dreams have not yet been met so the foundation was formed to help keep the dream alive. Through the TIM EARLY FOUNDATION the children of today may become the astronauts, deep-sea explorers or marine-biologists of tomorrow.
We need your financial support. You can help by sending a donation to the Tim Early Foundation at 16336 South 104th Ave. Orland Park, IL 60467. A letter for tax purposes will be sent to you along with a report of the approved grants.

A request for a grant from the Tim Early Foundation can be applied for at, For more information on grants and application information contact ; Patrick Hammer,